The Beach Handball is a sport that keeps developing in Romania. There are few days left till EBT Finals which will be take place between June 6th to 9th, in Baia Mare, a competition which gives the promise of a real show. The romanian national beach handball male team “Tricolorii” will join this competition for the first time in history and they will return on the mountain beach for the second year in a row.

Under Aihan Omer’s coaching, the team promises to live up to the tournament’s standards. For our players, this tournament is only a small part of the preparation for the European Championship which will take place in Poland.

What does it mean for Romania that we will attend the EBT Finals?

It is our first time attending this kind of tournament. We are excited and curious about how we are going to adapt to this new sport. There are countries where beach handball is over 20 years old, for us it is new. Our first contact with beach handball was in Baia Mare, last year, at the first EBT organised in Romania. For us it was a really interesting experience, but for this year, it’s going to be something special. It is really hard to create a competitive team, as some of the players do not even believe in this sport. It’s tough, they need to attend and see it with their own eyes.

Did you talk with the players about attending the EBT Finals?

I have a good relationship with most of the players from The National League. I discussed with few of them, but the issue that they have is the one with the recovery period. The National Championship takes place at the end of May and EBT Finals starts at the beginning of June. We have many players that want to recover after the National Championship. Basically, they need to learn the regulations in just two days. Taking these facts into account, the criteria to select the players is just the pure will to join the Romanian national team. I am inviting them to join us!

Are you willing to consider the juniors as well?

There are just a few juniors that play at this level. I travelled outside Romania to join beach handball tournaments and seminars and the stakes are high! They need the weight, the height, the speed, the experience and other skills to join! That is the reason why I want many National League’s players in my team, including the ones that have not been requested for the senior’s national team.

This particular tournament in Baia Mare will tell us what is our level! Many strong games are to come, one tour left in Prague, then The European Championship is next.

What do you suggest can be done so that beach handball develops more in Romania?

I believe we need a beach handball championship happening in a very good time of the year. Then, we can talk about a well built national team. I hope that, if we involve The Handball Romanian Federation and The Olympic Committee, we can create a hall full of sand to get ready.  When we will have a place of our own both in summer and in winter, we can expect a change. Even though we are very talented, we cannot beat the 10-15 years of gap ahead of us of the other countries.

Will we see Mihai Rohozneanu joining the team?

Mișa is a player in the national team, he is the assistent coach and the head coach for the juniors.

What does it mean for the Romanian handball fans that the EBT finals will happen in Baia Mare?

I believe that it is a great achievement, it is very hard to organise this kind of tour. I am really happy that Baia Mare is hosting it. Romania needs this kind of sport here, we need the good publicity.

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