Baia Mare (Hungarian Nagybánya, German Neustadt)

city, capital of Maramureș county/region, located in northwestern Romania. Founded in the 12th century by Saxon immigrants, it was first known as Rivulus Dominarium and later as Neustadt. The town was first attested in 1329 in an act of the chancery of King Charles and was developed as a center for gold in the 14-15 centuries.

Due to city's position

at the foot of the Eastern Carpathians, around town there are several hills and mountains, the Flower Hill (367 m), Morgue Hill (633 m) Cross Hill (501 m), Ignis (1307 m), Mogoşa (1246 m), Gout (1443 m), Cocosului Ridge (1450 m) Falcon Stone (839 m), Pleştioara (803 m), Bulat Hill (683 m) etc.

Tourists and visitors

have the opportunity to visit numerous sights as St. Steven Tower, Mineralogical Museum, Art Museum, History and Archaeology Museum, Ethnography an Village Museum, Planetarium, City Park „Queen Maria”, Butchers Bastion, Firiza Lake, Mogosa Lake, Blue Lake (unique in the world), Millenium Square (Old city).

In a perimeter of max 100 km there are also many places to visit, the most popular beeing the Merry Cemetery from Săpânța and lots of wooden churches and monasteries.