After four days of beach handball in the Old Town Square of Baia Mare, ebt Finals has arrived at his end. The boys from Pinturas Andalucía BM Playa Sevilla defended their crown won last year with success, and Club Balonmano Playa Algeciras won the females competition. 

The male final was 100% spanish. Sevilla defeated Palletways Verallia Azuqueca in the last act after a fantastic shootout, ending with 16-14, returning from 0-1 to sets (21-24, 24-20). In the small finals Vakedo Gaw of Portugal defeated Escola de Formação de Espinho – Os Tigres 2-0 (25-24, 23-22).

Individual prizes:
MVP: Bruno Oliveira (Vakedo Gaw)
Golgheter: Egor Kochura (SC Ekaterinodar) – 155 goluri
Best goalkeepr: Joao Pinho (Vakedo Gaw)
Best defender: Thiago de Oliveira (Palletways Verallia Azuqueca)
Fair-play team: Detono Zagreb (Croația)

The female finale also had a shootout. Club Balonmano Playa Algeciras defeated Multichem-Szentendrei N.K.E., 2-1 (20-18, 20-23, 8-4), in front of 1,000 spectators. The bronze medal was won by Westsite Amsterdam, 2-0 (25-21, 26-16).

Individual prizes:
MVP: Asuncion Batista Portero (Club Balonmano Playa Algeciras)
Golgheter: Judith Gomez Gutierrez (Club Balonmano Getasur)
Best goalkeeper: Greta Hadfi (SPORT CLUB Senec-Cannabis Energy Drink)
Best Guard: Maria Luisa Garcia Toro (Club Balonmano Playa Algeciras)
Fair-play: GRD Leca – Love Tiles

Final Ranking:
Male: 1. Pinturas Andalucía BM Playa Sevilla 2. Palletways Verallia Azuqueca 3. V. Gaw 4. Escola de Formação de Espinho – Os Tigres 5. SC Ekaterinodar 6. Beach Stars BHC 7. BHC 2areg 8. TSHV Camelot 9. Detono Zagreb 10. HEI Beachhandball 11. 12Monkeys Köln BHC 12. BHT Petra Plock 13. Tricolorii 14. BHV Wasserschloss

Female: 1. Club Balonmano Playa Algeciras 2. Multichem-Szentendrei N.K.E. 3. Westsite Amsterdam 4. SPORT CLUB Senec-Cannabis Energy Drink 5. CAIPIranhas 6. BHC 2areg 7. OVB Beach Girls® 8. Club Balonmano Getasur 9. BHT Pyrki Poznan 10. Beach Girls 11. LadyBugs 12. Balonmano Playa Alcalá 13. GRD Leça – Love Tiles 14. Escola de Formação de Espinho – Os Tigres


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