EBT Finals 2019 will also have a club in Novi Sad, which will come to Baia Mare with two teams, one female and one male. Today we present to you the male team of Beach Handball Club 2areg, who get the 5th place last year and want a podium ranking this year.

BHC 2areg has only ten players, but they are constantly preparing on sand in Serbia. 2areg will take the start at an EBT Finals for the third time in history, a short one for just six years, and this season aims for a better ranking than last year. In 2018, in Poland, BHC 2areg lost at the quarterfinals, but then won the 5-8 tournament and finished fifth. “The main goal is to reach the semifinals,” said coach Marko Perleta. The motto of the team is #FriendshipBeforeEverything.

BHC 2areg (Serbia):
City: Novi Sad
Founded in 2013
Team colors: red, black and white

Previous participations and results at EBT Finals:

9th place in 2016
5th place in 2018

Squad: Branko Radakovic, Nikola Perleta, Rastko Anicic, Milan Knezevic, Nikola Agic, Aleksa Djurkovic, Milos Drobnjak, Aleksandar Laovic, Stanko Petrovic, Ivan Voksi

Staff: Marko Perleta, Djordje Kovacevic

“We are in the final part of the preparation for the EBT Finals that follow. After losing to quarters last year, I hope to get something more in 2019. Personally, these are my expectations from the team, I worked hard all year long and I won some of the biggest tournaments last year so the main goal is to get into the semifinals and then be among the best three teams.” said Marko Perleta, coach BHC 2areg

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