The fifth male group we present you is Palletways Verallia Azuqueca, the representative of Spain. For the first time at an EBT Finals, Palletways Verallia Azuqueca comes to Baia Mare with five players who won the competition eight years ago, but also the world’s best defender, the Brazilian Thiago de Oliveira.

Palletways Verallia Azuqueca is one of the teams with a very short history. Founded only in 2017, the Iberian group succeeded in achieving a very precious performance in a short time, qualifying at EBT Finals 2019 held in Baia Mare. The year 2018 also brought the first competitions won by Palletways Verallia Azuqueca, the Spanish Cup and the Nazareth EBT tournament.

As mentioned before, Palletways Verallia Azuqueca is a debutant at such a competition, but it has important players. Five of them won the 2011 EBT Finals, Brazilian Thiago de Oliveira is the world’s best defender in the previous World Championship and Manuel Rodriguez & Eduardo Donderis have a rich indoor handball and beach handball experience. The two have also evolved in the Asobal League, for years the best indoor championship in Europe.

Palletways Verallia Balonmano Playa Azqueca (Spain):

City: Azuqueca de Henares

Founded in 2017

Team colors: Black and red

Previous Events and Results at EBT Finals: Begginers 

Winners of the Spanish Cup (2018)

2nd place at AHT 1000 Bueu (2017)

2nd place at AHT 1000 Valencia (2017)

3rd place at AHT 1000 Cadiz (2017)

Nazareth 1st Place at EBT Tournament (2018)

3rd place at AHT 1000 Valencia (2018)

3rd place at AHT 1000 Antequera (2018)


Andrés González, Jaime Osborne, Andrés Servant, Álvaro Polo, Carles Asensio, Carlos Donderis, Julio Sierra, Manuel Rodriguez, Cristian Murias, Ángel Sevilla, Fernando Gallego, David Martinez, Guillermo García, Thiago de Oliveira


Juan Manuel Pantoja (official), Jaime Osborne (coach), Andrés González (coach)

Representative players:

Julio Sierra – Component of the national team of Spain. Although he is not a waist player, his throws and jumping are spectacular

Thiago de Oliveira – Best defender of the previous World Championship

Manuel Rodriguez and Eduardo Donderis – Team Portraits. Both international in handball on the beach and former international players in indoor handball. Both have played in the Asobal League in the past.

Palletways Verallia Azuqueca is a young club, created three years ago. It was formed by a mix of experienced players in international competitions and others without experience, but with a desire to get good results for the club. One of the goals set at the foundation of the club was to participate in the EBT Finals and to try to become the champions of Europe. We have the opportunity to reach this goal in June, in Baia Mare. We know how complicated it is to win the competition, because every year the participating teams have a higher level and a better training. We believe that the main favorites are Detono Zagreb, Pinturas Andalucia BM. Sevilla (en-titre champion) and Ekaterinodar. They are the most experienced teams, although we think anyone can target the title. This year, with a higher number of matches in groups, you need to have better physical training because the requirements are higher than in previous years. I think our group is more difficult than the other and all the matches will be a final one and the first goal is to qualify in the quarter. We want to maximize and represent Azuqueca and our sponsors as best we can.” said Jaime Osborne, player and coach.

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