A final tour without a Hungarian representative does not have the same charm, regardless of discipline. Hungary gives the queen of Europe indoor handball – Györi Audi ETO KC, has a representative in the Champions League Men’s Fourth Championship – Telekom Veszprém HC and four EBT Finals 2019. The first of the four formation we are talking about is the male team represented by Beach Stars BHC, double winner of the EBT Finals.

Beach Stars BHC comes from Budapest, just 400 kilometers away from Baia Mare. Double winner of the EBT Finals, in 2006 and 2008, the Hungarians come to the beach from the mountain with one goal: at the end of the season to be one of the final four teams.

Beach Stars BHC is one of the experienced handball bands on the beach. Founded in 2002, the male team from Budapest is four times champion of Hungary and has two players who have evolved in European cups in the indoor handball. Vitáris Norbert played for Dunnafer in the 2009-2010 EHF Cup season and Kovács Márk in the very current season of the EHF Cup with Sport36 – Komlö. Both were, in fact, Hungary’s international youth level.

Beach Stars BHC (Hungary):

City: Budapest

Founded in: 2002

Team Colors: Black, Red and Blue

Previous Events and Results at EBT Finals:

6th place – 2005

1st place – 2006

8th place – 2007

1st place – 2008

4th place – 2009

Place 5 – 2010

5th place – 2011

2nd place – 2012

6th place

5th place – 2015

4 championship titles of Hungary

3 Cups of Hungary


Squad: Vitáris Norbert, Kapusi Levente, Molnár György, Glózik Balázs, Matuszka Balázs, Tarjányi Dávid, Pádár Dávid, Valler Péter, Auer Christopher, Nagy András, Földesi Csaba, Tarjányi Péter, Kovács Márk, Szövérdffy Szabolcs

Staff: Gábor Báthori (coach), István Bődy (manager), András Trekoványecz (technical coach), Sándor Varga (physical trainer)

“We want to get to the semifinals and from there anything can happen!” – István Bődy, manager

“We are glad to be here again! We will give our best and Stefan (n.r. István Bődy) will appreciate what we deserve! “- András Nagy, team captain

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