A while ago we spoke briefly about CAIPIranhas, Germany’s representative in the women’s competition at ebt Finals in Baia Mare, and now is the time to meet the boys of 12 Monkeys Cologne BHC team.

For the male german team, this will be a premiere because they’ve never atend an ebt Finals. In their short history they have only won a German vice-champion title. 12 Monkeys Cologne BHC was founded in 2010, but officially registered four years later, when they also achieved the only notable performance.

12 Monkeys Köln BHC come to Baia Mare with brothers Zeyen, Sebastian and Tobias, two of the team’s most important players. Sebastian joined the team in 2011 and quickly set himself up as a specialist, his sand qualities being consistently improved. A few years later, his six-year-old brother Tobi joined, the collaboration between the two works well on the field. Both are in the circuit of the German national team and have a chance to participate in the European Championship.

The name of the German team has something new in the back. Team bases were placed in a bar in Cologne called “Monkeys” by 12 players. Thus, the two aspects were united, and the name of the team became “12 Monkeys”.

12 Monkeys Köln BHC (Germany):
City: Koln
Founded in 2010
Colors: orange, black

Previous participations and results at EBT Finals:

Germany’s Vice-champions (2014)

Tobias Zeyen, Sebastian Zeyen, André Nicklas, David Heinz, Frowin Fasold, Amer Maghmuma, Jan Ertel, Oliver Middel, Dennis Redlich, Dennis Bredehorst, Christian Mühlenkamp, Kari Klebinger, Rene Linnek, Fabian Bleckat

Representative players:
Tobias Zeyen
Sebastian Zeyen

“First of all, we are glad we managed to qualify at ebt Finals. We can not wait to meet with many friends on the International Handball Beach scene, share a lot of # monkeylove and experience the special spirit of an EBT Finals tournament. Because it is our first participation, we will try to give everything we have in each set and see where our spirit will lead us.” said Dennis Bredehorst

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