We’ve promised you a show on the mountain beach and we respect our promisse. Pinturas Andalucia BM Playa Sevilla arrives in the capital of Maramures to defend its crown, won a year ago in Poland.

Spain has two representative teams at EBT Finals 2019 at Baia Mare: Palletways Verallia Azuqueca, which you’ve already met and Pinturas Andalucía BM Playa Sevilla, keeper of the EBT Finals trophy and one of the favorites this year.

One year ago in Poland, Pinturas Andalucía BM Playa Sevilla participated for the first time at an EBT Finals and even managed to win the competition after an exciting final with Detono Zagreb, Croatia’s representative. It was 2-1 to the Iberian sets after they returned from 0-1 and were forced 6-2 at the shootout.

Besides winning ebt Finals, the team in Sevilla was Spain’s champion in 2017 and the winner of Spain’s Beach Handball circuit in 2018.

Hugo Madera, Pinturas Andalucia’s talisman

Pinturas Andalucía BM Playa Sevilla will have in the team a true talisman. Hugo Madera has won three times an ebt Finals with three different teams: BM Playa Alcalá, Ekaterinodar from Russia and his current team Pinturas Andalucía. Beside Hugo Madera, at the team from Sevilla will evolve two players from Asobal League, Jose A. Consuegra and Alonso Moreno, both from Ángel Ximénez.

Pinturas Andalucia BM Playa Sevilla (Spain):
City: Sevilla
Founded in 2011
Colors: green

Previous participations and results at EBT Finals:
1st place in 2018

Spain’s champioan in 2017
Winner of Spain’s Beach Handball Circuit in 2018 (1st place at Oropesa, 2nd place at Antequera, 3rd place at Valencia and 5th place at Orihuela)

Álvaro Espino, Roberto Mateo, Joan Costa (portari), Javier Holst, Manuel Holst, Alonso Moreno, Miguel A. Alcantara, Hugo Madera (defenders), Jose A. Consuegra, Antonio Franco “Nonete” (specialists), Adria Ortola, Javier Martinez, Carlos Gonzalez (offensive player)
Staff: Alfonso Rodriguez (coach)

Representative players:

Adria Ortola – component of Spain’s national team.
Carlos Gonzalez – component of Spain’s U18 national team and youth olimpic champion
Jose A. Consuegra and Alonso Moreno – players in Asobal League at Ángel Ximénez
Hugo Madera – triple champion at EBT Finals with three different teams: BM Playa Alcalá, Ekaterinodar and Pinturas Andalucía

„This year we will accept the challenge to meet with the best teams from Europe. Last year we were begginers and this helped us to surprise few teams in the competitions. This year the teams are stronger, have new players and it will be a challenge for us to win again. We will try to go as far as possible in this competition.”

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