From agony to ecstasy, that might be how we can describe the state of LadyBugs lately. The team from Hungary is the last team to reach EBT Finals 2019 and promises to take full advantage of the opportunity received!

It should be noted from the start that the LadyBugs is a semi-professional team, but this did not prevent the “bugs” from hoping to reach the EBT Finals 2019. The Budapest team traveled a lot in Europe to get the points needed for the qualification at the final stage, but the lack of experience has said his word and LadyBugs was finally under the line. However, the Hungarian representative received good news from the EHF and will comes to Baia Mare, taking advantage of the absence of a qualified team.

LadyBugs will be for the second time at an EBT Finals. The first time was in 2015 when they finished on the 8th place.

LadyBugs (Hungary)
City: Budapest
Founded in 2013
Colors: black, coral, green neon, blue

Previous participations and results at EBT Finals:
8th place in 2015

Brigitta Andársi, Barbara Kiss, Diána Lesták, Krisztina Fórizs, Klaudia Pintér, Kornélia Tuza, Krisztina Tóth, Renáta Tóth, Zsuzsanna Nagy, Sára Sütő, Réka Frigyesi

Zoltán Soós (coach)

“We worked hard to test ourselvs for EBT Finals and to see how much we’ve progressed. We want to play against the best teams in Europe and to prove we deserve a place among them. With fair-play and a nice beach handball we want to get as far as possible. We would like our points to be bigger compared to the place we will take at the of the tournament.” said Zoltán Soós.

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