There was once a legend about an intransigent, relentless, irreconcilable and inflexible EHF commissioner, feared by all those who had to deal with him. A LEGEND!

And as in all legends there was some truth in it, at the roots. I mean (sorry), it was ALLLLLLL true. How do we know? We met him. We worked with him.

It was all true but the fact that he was to be feared. All those who made this up have no idea about what Latin blood means. They never met an „italiano vero”. They don’t know how this temper mix with qualities like professionalism, perfectionism, ambition and wisdom. Sometime result might be like an awaken volcano. Ready to show its strength, its greatness, its burst.

And it is not true that he would be relentless. You just have to meet his look and the discreet parental smile to understand that beyond any facade there is a man ready to understand and help you anytime.

And, let’s admit … he is not even irreconcilable and inflexible. I mean, how many challenges have we subjected him to, how many times did we done otherwise than what he asked, how unruly we were … if it was to be irreconcilable or inflexible, we would have had great problems. Instead, this man has always been willing to accept alternative solutions, to help us adapt to the situations we were in, and he offered us his vast experience, to be able to cope with this one-class event.

There is still the intransigence. This we can not take it away from him. I mean, let’s not spoil the legend. But (it remains between us), even if he emanates the air of intransigence, he knows when it is time to make a step back. Everything, in order for the result to come out perfectly.

He is Marko Trespidi. The one who supported us and was behind us from the first moment when we obtained the right to organize the EBT Finals 2019. We say he stood behind us because it is a saying that any kick in a back is a step forward. And we did some really serious steps forward. Thank you Marko for taking care that we advance. Much of what we did this year on the mountain beach was due to you.

We owe each other a picture together on the mountain beach. So we look forward to see you back in Baia Mare.

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