The year 2019 puts us face to face with the biggest challenge so far. The final of the European Beach Handball Championship in Baia Mare. 28 beach handball teams in Europe will come to the beach from the mountain from 6-9 to June and will duel for the title of European champion.

To give life to the biggest sporting event this summer, we need an army of super volunteers. We need you!!

If you want to be part of a super team of energetic, creative people with great dreams for which the impossible has not been invented and if you find yourself in one of the points mentioned below, then stop waiting. Fill out the form in the link below, choose the activity you excel in and let’s make history together.

1. Are you creative, you love the colors and your best friends are Photoshop, Corel, Adobe or other design programs? If you answered yes, we are anxious to let the imagination speak through images with your help… Not by another but not for nothing it is said that an image says more than 1000 words.

2. Do you spend much of your time being the backstage man and doing magic using PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript? Then you are the right man to help us convey the madness on the mountain beach beyond the borders of Romania.

3. Are you sociable, responsible and speak one of the following foreign languages at medium to advanced: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Italian, Hungarian? Perfect. We have 28 teams from all over Europe eager to reach Baia Mare and meet you. What are you going to do? You will be the liaison between the participating team/teams that will be assigned to you and the organizing team-you will see that teams are informed about the program every day and you will help them with everything they need during the competition.

4. Do you like working on a team? Do you have leadership and experience as a coordinator of a large team? Then we need you. What are you going to do? You will coordinate our Super Volunteer team during the event.

5. Do you have experience in journalism? Are you the man who always has the words to him and you love sports? Are you a connoisseur of English (written and spoken) at medium to advanced level? Be our voice. Help us get heard all over the world and tell everyone what madness is on the beach in the mountains. What do we want from you? Articles, previews, press releases for the LOAL/national and international press, interviews, etc.

6. Are you a calculated and passionate piece of what the technical part means? Then you’ll be happy to be part of the intervention team. We guarantee that you will experience many challenges both in moving the beach from the sea to the mountains, preparing the playing fields and during the competition, but especially after the “pulling the curtain” at the end of the show when the time comes to move the beach to the sea again. In short, we need you together to think of a system as efficiently as possible to arrange the beach in the mountains.

7. Are you passionate about photography and your camera is your best friend? Do you like to surprise in pictures special moments in the lives of people around you? Then you are the right man to be with us during the event and capture the show that 28 teams will offer during the 4 days.

8. We’re just telling you–ENTERTAINMENT. We need from you as many ideas of activities and contests to animate the audience and integrate it into our madness.

9. You love the beach and you could spend days on the sand? You want to be right in the middle of the action? Then you’re our man. We already have a place ready for you at the official table, where, alongside observers and referees you will record the match score that will take place during the 4 days. (P.S. the If you love the beach means that you are a very good friend and with the sun but we take care of you and we will ensure that the sun will not become too hot for you).

10. Are you an energetic yarn that can’t stay long in place? Then we need you on the “Mobile office” team. You will help us to share the city with posters and flyers, you will do various urgent tasks during the event, etc.

If you have found yourself in one of the above, fill out the application form by clicking here: Https://

If what I’ve presented to you so far does not fold on your skills we have good news for you too. We are open to proposals and we assure you that our bag is full of activities for all those who want to put the shoulder to our madness. So we encourage you to fill out the form and tell us under the heading “Other” what “superpowers” you have and we will welcome you with our open arms in our team of super volunteers (e.g. Are you fast? Then we are convinced that you will make sure that the balls get back into the field in record time… And the list may continue).

We’re anxious to get to know you and make history together.

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