The final of the European Beach Handball Championship brings to Baia Mare 500 athletes, delegates and officials-a delegation of the EHF inspects these days the location of the event

The designation of Baia Mare as host of the final tournament of the European championships on beach handball Clubs (EBT Finals 2019) implies from the organizers, the Marta Sports Club, concerted efforts to ensure the ideal conditions for conducting Competition. Held between 6-9 and June under the patronage of the European Handball Federation (EHF), the final tournament brings 28 teams from 10 countries to the start, in total almost 500 athletes, delegates and officials, Baia Mare becoming for almost a week the epicenter beach European handball.

Such participation implies a real deployment of forces, one of the challenges constituting the tourist and hospitality infrastructure. If moving the beach from the sea to the mountain, in the Old city center, has already become a habit, both for the organizing team and for athletes or for the lovers of the Romanian handball, hosting for 5-6 days of such a large number of visitors , in the full onset of summer season, can only be done in close collaboration with local economic factors, providers of accommodation and mass services, as well as that of local authorities.

Compared to the latest edition of Baia Mare Beach handball Challenge, EHF’s Beach Handball Committee has requested the installation of 3 lands and the endowment of the arenas with at least 500-600 seats. The organizers proposed to make complex establishments, the main arena to reserve some surprises and news, among them probably a large screen that will run live images during matches, as well as news, interviews And montages with the most spectacular phases of the matches.

The entire competition will be broadcast on the live stream, supporters of participating teams and beach handball from around the world to watch the tournament matches live. Efforts are also being made to collaborate with a national TV station to transmit some of the parties to the “EBT Final 2019” in Baia Mare.

In order to ensure that the organisers ‘ efforts will lead the event to international standards required by such a manifestation, a delegation from the EHF will be present at Baia Mare on Thursday, 14 February. Ivana Jelic, Delegate EHF and Marco Trespidi, member of the EHF Beach Handball Committee, will inspect the location where the game arenas will be placed, as well as accommodation and dining units and will provide the necessary advice, so that at the time of the final tournament Participants to benefit from the best conditions.

In terms of the promotion of the event, several steps have already been made, the most visible is certainly the recent launch in the online environment of the logo “EBT Finals 2019, Baia Mare, Romania, 6-9 June”. It preserves the graphical elements of the “Baia Mare Beach handball Challenge” logo, but also brings innovative components that promote the city of Baia Mare and which give freshness and breathe the atmosphere and specific Beach handball principles such as fair play, Fun and competitiveness.


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