EBT Finals 2019 ended after 4 days of beach handball show in Baia Mare. The competition was a real succes and very apreciated by all participants. 

28 teams from 15 countries, aprox. 400 players, music, good mood and amazing show. ebt Finals 2019, organized in Baia Mare’s Old Town Square, enjoyed the presence of top athletes from around the world. Bruno Oliveira, the MVP and best specialist of last championship, Thiago de Oliveira, the best defender in the world, Ivan Juric and Lucian Bura, the best extremes from the last CM, as well as the Danish Martin Vilstrup Andersen, golgheter in 2018, and the Brazilian Gil Pires were in the capital of Maramures and offered a unique show.

Men’s competition was won by Pinturas Andalucía BM Playa Sevilla after a fantastic shootout with Palletways Verallia Azuqueca, ended with a score of 16-14. The two teams split the first two sets, Azuqueca winning the first with 24-21, and Sevilla on the second with 24-20. The podium was completed by Vakedo Gaw, winner of the 2-0 final in front of E.F.E – Os Tigres, 25-24 and 23-22. At the women’s Club Balonmano Playa Algeciras became the new champion of the EBT Finals, after a fantastic final against the trophy holder, Multichem-Szentendrei N.K.E. It was 2-1 (20-18, 20-23, 8-4) at the end of a match with more than 1000 spectators. Asuncion Batista Portero, Algeciras’ player and best pivot from the last World Championship, was declared the MVP of the competition.

Historic Center, perfect location for EBT Finals 2019

ebt Finals 2019 took place in a relaxed atmosphere, and the location was fully endorsed by the participants. “We thought the atmosphere was really good. It seemed like putting the courts in the middle of the city, was a really good idea when it comes to spectators. Futhermore it was nice for us players as well, having places where you could easily go and get some food and something to drink. It was also nice that you were able to see all 3 courts within a small area, and in general the atmosphere was good. We liked it, and also the fact we could walk to the courts within 10 minutes.” said Martin Vilstrup Andersen, from HEI Beachhandball. The top scorer of the last World Championship says he would like to return to Baia Mare with his colleagues in the future. “We didnt get to see that much of the city. But of what we saw, it was nice! We went out to eat 3 times, and everyone came home happy. Futhermore the wheater was with us, and having sun almost 90% of the time was amazing. Us in the team talked about, that maybe we wanted to come at some time.” Martin concluded.

Not only Martin has pleasant memories from Baia Mare, but also the team of SPORT CLUB SENEC – Cannabis Energy Multidrink, Adriena Veisz, who praised the organizers for their efforts. “EBT finals in Baia Mare was really good memory to our team. We are really proud to be part of such a big Beach handball event, and we really feel our team is growing up for finals cup. A big respect for all member of organizer team , because was a well organized event, include accomodation, meals, transfer and my oppinion all team felt, that we were important part of this final. Of course we are really proud to get 4th place , and we know most of teams and fans were suprised to belive it. We are happy to show how can we improve year by year and show hard working have result one time.'” said Adriena, who hopes that the Romanian teams will progress in this discipline. “I really hope some romanian teams get mood to try this beautiful sports and more and more team will appear because such event get more power and color if more nation be part of this.” 

A 34-hour trip to play on the beach at Baia Mare!

Among those who took part in the EBT Finals 2019 were two players from Australia… Aline Viana and Madeleine McAfee traveled 34 hours to play handball on the mountain beach in Baia Mare. Aline arrived in Baia Mare without baggage, being lost on the road. The two played for Balonmano Playa Alcalá, 12th at the end of the tournament.

From amateur tournament to EBT Finals in just four years

The EBT Finals story started four years ago. “Guilty” for this madness is Tudor Marta, former champion with Minaur Baia Mare. In 2016, the first handball beach tournament was held in Baia Mare, but it was intended for amateurs. An international tour followed, one year later, and an EBT stage in 2018. All the work was rewarded this summer, when the mountain beach from Baia Mare was the host of ebt Finals, bringing together the best teams in Europe. Every year, the success of the event was based on a team of volunteers who worked hard to get the color of this event. In the end, Ole Jørstad, Marco Trespidi, Ivana Jelic and the other representatives of the Board of the European Handball Federation wanted to thank them for their work and catalog the tournament as one of the most successful in history. “Hosting the most important club competition in Europe has been a huge challenge for us and with the team of volunteers, which we enjoyed every year, we have managed to cope with this event. Satisfaction is special, given that it was a competition that the EHF wanted for so long to be helded in Romania. I want to thank everyone who made this event possible, from sponsors to the volunteer team, and I hope that the Romanian beach handball will be able to benefit from this competition, “Tudor Marta.

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