“It all started three years ago from a desire of an athlete from Baia Mare who wished to do something more, different for both, the community and himself. The idea of moving the beach and the sea to the mountain step by step has taken shape, after many closed doors, after many hours of lack of sleep, but with an peerless ambition and perseverance, with a handful of distinguished people succeeded and kicked off the first edition of Handball on the beach, an edition that has enjoyed a success that has long exceeded the team’s expectations.

And so, today I can talk about the third edition Baia Mare Beach Hanball Challenge, the edition that certainly wrote history in many apects. I also started on this road three years ago as a volunteer in the #dreamteam team, a team that was formed and coagulated in time, through work, stress, dreams, sand. Now I can say that the team is today a family consisting of exceptional people, people I am proud of, people I want in my life.

Surely one of the benefits of getting into this project is this: the cool people I met. What can I say? There are people I want to be with, there are people who are not afraid to dream, people who fight for what they want, people who work with love without waiting for something in return, people who know that the impossible don’t exist, they are really wonderful people , who have earned all my admiration.

In addition to this, however, what does this project mean to me? It’s hard to honestly find the right words, so many ideas come to mind, I don’t know which one to start with.

I can say that Baia Mare Beach Hanball Challenge is more than an experience; As I said, I’ve been in the team since the first edition, and now I realize how far I’ve come, I’m surrounded by feelings of melancholy looking back and reviewing how it all started, and I feel so proud and happy that we grew up together.

I admit that I am not a sports person, but this did not prevent me from accepting the challenge of entering the game and experiencing new opportunities. I look with admiration for what we’ve been able to do, although it’s a beautiful experience, it’s not an easy one at all. Especially now in the third year when the competition has grown and 3 days of handball on the beach a week of fire was made, with kind of a kind of sand sports. It’s not easy to sit down every day for good morning until evening on the beach where physical work comes first, but let’s not forget that there have been difficult days, such as arranging and fitting the place where history was written, our luck was that we are a team and the team of int The ervention that had the most to suffer in the light of physical work, even worth all the congratulations, did an exceptional job. And I also say it’s not easy to cope with the unforeseen challenges, like a storm that didn’t give signs that he wanted to leave us. The accompanying and the burns are neither pleasant nor the stress and the irascibility. But it’s worth it, all the titanic work, all the days when many people were barely home to see their family for a few minutes, all the headaches, all the tables, everything was worth it. I know that often these things go unnoticed, but personally these are the things that make me talk about this project as a learning and development experience.

Towards the end of the event we slowly realised that we were approaching another end of the edition, and this made me very excited, because I looked around and I saw the sandy terrain of competence, and on the other hand there were volunteers fleeing from there There, or saw the full tribunals, looked to the organizers more agitated, and overwhelmed with happiness, and fatigue. I was looking at all this and I was thinking how hard that I got so far, how beautiful it all was, how much I miss it for the year is long sometimes. I was wondering how I succeeded? And all I found in response was passion, team, ambition, effort, sacrifice and perseverance. I looked nostalgic, but also with great pride on everything that was happening around me, I hardly realized the impact that this project had on the community, our people, ours. It’s a wow.

I was saying that I grew up with the project because it was a context by which I grew up, learned, created links, created plans for the future. I was surrounded by people that I always came home with a new story, I was bent out of support and trust, I was surrounded by a team where attention and care for everyone to be all right was always the first place. But the biggest impact on me came with self-esteem and social awareness. How fortunate to be able to help fulfill a dream, nor do you imagine what a strong feeling I’m trying. You know, you contributed a little bit to put a man’s dream on your feet, it’s something extraordinary. Besides, I can say that the whole project is an example, Tudor Marta – the person responsible for this madness is more than an example, as is every part of this event, an example of so yes, an answer for the question “worth believing in dreams?”.

I’d say the whole madness gave me wings, spurred me, gave me reasons not to give up. Not to let believe in dreams, in me, in what I can do, in the way I choose to go, not to be reborn to believe in people, in stories with happy endings, in the power that sits in little work and perseverance. I realized that everything starts with us, from me. I think anything is possible, as long as we have the courage to follow our dreams, as long as we have the courage to overcome obstacles, but also to believe in what comes next.

I’m happy, excited and proud. Why? I’m part of the coolest team, a team of an idea, from a dream, moved the beach to the mountain, in the middle of the city, in a historic center, where it was heard that there was no way to do that, that it’s impossible, but what to see, we do, for three years the impossible is happening And it will continue to happen that the sand from the sea come to Baia mare. I can’t stop enjoying what we’ve accomplished together, fulfilling a dream and creating history (on the one hand, it’s the first European competition for professional beach handball, and on the other hand you’ve managed to join Romania’s senior national to compete) , these facts simply charge me with emotion, trust and joy, and what I feel towards them can only say that it’s a feeling that overwhelres me, and I don’t think you can express such emotions in words.

I confess only so I feel fortunate that I have experienced an experience that has written history, which will surely have continuity.

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