For the second year in a row, the Romanian national beach handball female team will attend the EBT finals which will take place in Baia Mare, from 6th to 9th of June . The team coached by Adrian Georgescu and Ionuț Deli-Iorga called Beach Girls will atend EBT Finals as a beneficiary of the wildcard offered by the organiser.

For the romanian team attending the EBT Finals it is a great opportunity to prepare for The European Championship that is scheduled to take place in the beginning of July, in Poland. This championship is the first competion of its kind for the Romanian seniors. Under the command of Adrian Georgescu, the head coach of the Romanian national team, who has been leading the team for four years, the team will train in multiple stages before arriving to the Baia Mare tournament.

We decided to interview him about these aspects:

Let’s start with who is Adrian Georgescu and how did he become the coach of the Romanian beach handball team?

It’s my fifth year as coach of the national team. I accepted the invitation I got from Mr. Macovei, from the Romanian Federation who called me at that time. Due to the fact that overt time I have organised different beach handball tournaments together with Constanta County Association and due to my commitment to this sport, Mr. Macovei proposed me to coach the female national team. At that time I was coaching a small beach handball team, so this is how it all started. After my first experience at The European Championship in 2014, I wanted to descover more informations about this sport. Since than I graduated four beach handball courses organised by EHF in Greece, Spain, Poland and Italy and I am teaching this sport to my students. I love this sport more than indoor handball. Beach handball is going to become soon an Olympic sport and Romania is catching up, making progresses each year. We are not yet at a very high level beacause the Roamanian Handball Federation program does not allow us to develop due to the fact that we do not have a court to train during winter. For our first competion we trained eight days, now we have a month. It’s not the best, but it’s getting better.

Why the name “Beach Girls”?

We didn’t really focus on the name. We had two teams in the first EBT competition last year in Baia Mare. One team was formed by the juniors that attended The European Championship in 2018 and the second one was the team that is supposed to attend the 2019 edition. We could not use the same name so we decided that the senior team will be called Beach Girls.

What does it mean to you to attend The EBT finals?

For us, it’s astonishing! We will have 5-6 strong games before The European Beach Handball Tour, because we are trying to create a homogenous team for The European Championship. In the past, we only had one international tour to get ready for the E.C. We will enjoy the perfect games for us, maybe even stronger than the ones in E.C. I know that the Hungarian beach handball team is basically the Hungarian national handball team and I know that they are not attending the the E.C. this year because of an internal conflict. We really want to live up to the tour, we are looking at about 30 players, the best ones are going to the European Championship in July.

I want the experience!”

Are you taking into account the National League players for this tournament?

First of all I want continuity and to use players that have played Beach Handball before, that are done with the junior championship and that have played at least at 3-4 European Championships. The best example is Claudia Condurache, who has attended four European Championships and she is only 18. Normaly I want 2-3 players from the National League, due to their experience and maturity, because they will know how to deal with intense moments. They don’t know the real meaning of beach handball, they are skeptical to play because they are afraid of the injuries, though I must admit, I haven’t seen any injuries in beach handball because there is no contact like in indoor handball.

Are you in touch with any other people who have connections in beach handball, outside of Romania?

First of all, we have The Romanian Handball Federation’s support that is bigger every year. I have a strong connection with a lecturer from Turkey which provides me with all the documentation I need. Also, a coach in Netherlands invited us there for a training tournament, but we were unable to go there because of the lack of money. The good news is that we are hosting this summer an international tournament in Venus, the first one of its kind in Romania. So far, Italy and Bulgaria confirmed. I am in touch with coaches from abroad, with some I have become a friend, because we met both at the European Championships and at international courses.

What is your main goal at The EBT Finals?

My main goal is to create a competitive team for The European Beach Handball Championship from Poland.

What represents, for Baia Mare and for Romania in general, the fact that EBT Finals will take place in the capital of Maramures?

From my point of view is an extremely important achievement. Baia Mare will put Romania on the map of beach handball. I think it is a great honor that EHF has agreed to organise this event in Baia Mare. I want this event to be a real success, hoping that the following years we will have the chance to organize these kind of events, maybe even European Championships.

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